Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12


Fortnite characters with an animated forest.

Battle Royale:
Make Your First Fortnite® Style Video Game

powered by Black Rocket

Will your video game be the next big thing? Turn your ideas into reality!
Camp Information

June 21–25
TIME: 1:00 p.m.–4:00 p.m.
AGE: 10–15
COST: $250* ($450 if enrolled in AM and PM sessions including lunch)
EXPERIENCE LEVEL: Beginner to advanced

About the Camp

Fans of Fortnite® we need you! Instead of playing the game, design your own. Using a professional 3D game development software, build levels and assets inspired by popular battle royale games like Fortnite®. Students can participate in eSports League matches against other schools across the country with a chance to have their levels featured in the Black Rocket master build of the game! This course includes cartoonish action and battle sequences. Student-created games will be available on a password protected Black Rocket website to share with friends and family. Students will work in pairs or teams for most of the program.