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Virtual Summer Music Lessons

June 14–August 27, 2021

What better way to keep the music alive than to continue to develop and grow your music passion over the summer? Summer Lessons are a unique opportunity to continue growth in music by participating in a series of virtual lessons from our talented instructors. We make sure we pair the perfect instructor with you by matching the teacher to your instrument, level, style, and ambition. Please fill out this form to select which opportunity you are interested in.

Our virtual private music lessons are flexible in order to work with your summer schedule. We offer a variety of lesson packages to best suit you. To maximize your growth and give you the best experience we strongly recommend considering two lessons a week. We see exponential growth when students elect to take multiple lessons a week.

Lesson breakdown:

Each lesson is 45 minutes, with asynchronous practice assignments.

One lesson a week

4 weeks - 4 lessons = 3 hours

6 weeks - 6 lessons =  4.5 hours 

8 weeks - 8 lessons = 6 hours 

Two lessons a week

4 weeks - 8 lesson = 6 hours

6 weeks - 12 lessons =  9 hours 

8 weeks - 16 lessons = 12 hours 

Three lessons a week

4 weeks - 12 lesson = 9 hours 

6 weeks - 18 lessons =  13.5 hours 

8 weeks - 24 lessons = 18 hours 


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