Weekly Arts, Sports, STEM, Outdoor Adventure, and Enrichment Camps

Summers at Pennington programs are designed for children in middle and high school. We take the same student-centered approach that we apply in our classrooms and focus on each camper in our summer programs. We understand the need for specialized camps created just for teenagers (and pre-teens) who want to dive more deeply into subjects in which they are interested.

Our camps focus on having fun while teaching each participant essential skills they need for creative problem-solving in the real world. Campers will collaborate, innovate, and develop the skills of good sportsmanship, resilience, and leadership. Programs include Sports and Wellness, Technology/STEM, Visual and Performing Arts, special Academic Enrichment courses, Outdoor Adventure, and more. All summer programs incorporate the Pennington School's core values of honor, virtue, and humility and are developed by our highly regarded faculty members and industry leaders. 

Summer Programs


  • Pennington School T-shirt, Lunch


  • Water bottle
  • Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Bag or backpack to hold belongings