I grew up in Washington State. Each day I lived in the epically beautiful shadow of Mount Baker, a 10,000-foot peak in the North Cascade Mountains. It rose from sea level where I lived and reminded me that nature was enormous and present. I spent summers hiking and camping in the foothills of the Cascades and winters skiing, snowshoeing, and building snow caves to camp. I spent the fall collecting berries and hunting, and the spring nourished by the floodwaters and the snowpack.

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Everyone loves summer! For kids, summer is a time to have fun, to be around their friends, and a great opportunity to dive into the passions that they love. I have been fortunate enough to lead the basketball camps here at Pennington for the past four years, and summer is one of my favorite times to be a coach. I love our summer sports camps. I love how they are structured and what the kids get out of them.

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